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Quinn’s nightmare (Part 2)

All the animals had gathered on either side of the stream to celebrate. There was[…]

Quinn’s nightmare (Part 1)

(The History of The Furrow) Quinn the porcupine looked behind his shoulder and spotted the[…]

Hiccup grows up

(Timeline: Before ‘The Hedgehog Trail’) Hiccup was no ordinary hamster. He was the most protected[…]

A rabbit’s tale

The best time to start a journey is when one is having the worst day[…]

The Lost Watch

“No, no, no,” Allen muttered as he turned his backpack inside out. It was completely[…]


Sheila knew exactly the kind of backpack she wanted for her new school year. She[…]

Being curious

Tic the squirrel did not have a very good morning.  His cousin Artie had learned[…]