Love and destiny intertwine to shield the infant heir of Easther.

Tisila escapes the seifland of Easther with its infant heir. She is responsible for his safety after the tragic demise of his parents and the fall of his seifland. But she ends up in the forest of Bewar, the home of the mages rumored to have killed the child’s parents. Tisila is a formidable sentar warrior, but she would be no match for the mages.

Densyus works as a spy for the mages and is determined to uncover the actual murderers of Lord and Lady Easther. He comes across the Easthern warrior and the infant. Densyus’s primary duty is to unravel the truth, but he cannot ignore the dangers facing the young lord. He won’t let another young life fade away because of his inaction.

Read the prequel novella in the Shields of seiflands series. It is a self-contained fantasy adventure with a romance sub-plot.